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Cinderella Gets Brave in the Dark
Cinderella, a sprightly fox, lives in fear of the night's shadows. Her adventure begins when a magical transformation allows her to attend a ball. There, she meets Prince Charming who helps her see the night differently. Will Cinderella find courage in the dark?
Beauty and the Beast - The Enchanted Meadow
Lila, an eight-year-old with pink hair, is scared of insects. She and her firefly friend, Flicker, meet the gentle Beast Lumis and explore an enchanted forest. Lila faces her fear and learns the importance of insects. Can she overcome her fear for good?
The Little Mermaid - The Brave Mermaid's Adventure
The Little Mermaid, a young mermaid, fears monsters. Her friend Bubbles takes her on an adventure, but they end up saving a prince from a storm. The Little Mermaid visits Ursula, the sea witch, to become human and meet him. Will The Little Mermaid find her bravery and happiness on land?
Jack and the Magic Beanstalk - Overcoming Heights
Jack, a brave boy afraid of heights, trades a cow for magic beans. The beanstalk grows high into the sky. Jack climbs with help from his friend Petra, a wise tortoise. He finds a golden harp and a giant! Can Jack conquer his fear of heights?
Beauty and the Beast – Grows Confident in the Icy Mountains
Ivy, an ice pixie with shimmering wings, feels unimportant. She and Frosty, her snowman friend, help a woman save her father from a Beast. Ivy's bravery helps her see she brings joy to others. Will Ivy discover her true worth?
Little Red Riding Hood Shy to Smiles
In a bustling cloud city, shy Little Red Riding Hood visits Grandma with Twinky, her friend. She faces the Sky Wolf's trickery and, with a woodsman's help, saves Grandma. Will Red’s bravery help her overcome shyness and enjoy more cloud-games with new friends?
Snow White - The Brave Mermaid's Underwater Adventure
Snow White is a curious mermaid who often feels worried. She and her friend Toby, a brave sea turtle, explore an underwater world. They meet quirky dwarf fish and face a wicked Queen's tricks. Will Snow White find her courage and stay safe?
Snow White - Bravery in the Candy Forest
Snow White is a sweet girl afraid of loud noises. She and Gumdrop the Giraffe explore the candy forest, meet seven dwarfs, and outsmart the wicked Queen. Can Snow White find the courage to overcome her fear and enjoy the forest sounds?
Cinderella Shyness to Smiles
In a mushroom house, shy Cinderella often talks to animals. With the help of her Fairy Godmother, she goes to a grand ball. There, she meets Prince Charming and feels braver. Can Cinderella’s courage last to fit the glass slipper and find happiness?
Snow White - Finding Confidence in the Candy Kingdom
Snow White is a sweet girl in the floating Candy Kingdom who doesn't feel self-confident. With her friend Gummy Bear, she faces the Queen's anger and hides in a candy cottage. They meet seven funny dwarfs and have exciting adventures. Can Snow White find the confidence to be herself?
Jack and the Beanstalk - Facing Fears in the Magical Kingdom
Jack is confident but afraid of the dark. He trades his cow for magic beans, growing a giant beanstalk. Climbing it, he finds a magical land and faces a giant! Jack bravely takes treasures to help his mother. Can Jack overcome his fear and find courage?
The Little Mermaid - The Worry Warrior Under the Rainbow Bridge
The Little Mermaid, a young mermaid often worries about the worst happening. When a storm hits, she and her dolphin friend, Finn, save a prince. The Little Mermaid dreams of meeting him again and faces her fears by seeking the sea witch's help. Will The Little Mermaid find her courage and happiness?
Snow White - The Magic of Sharing in the Floating Kingdom
Snow White loves her floating island but finds sharing hard. She and her fairy friend Fizzlespark play with shiny pebbles. One day, her jealous stepmother orders her death! Snow White meets seven kind dwarfs. Will she learn the magic of sharing and defeat the Queen?
The Little Mermaids – The Fearless Mermaid's Adventure
The Little Mermaid loves exploring her magical ocean kingdom but feels shy talking to others. She finds a golden comb and rescues Prince John from a storm. She bravely seeks human legs from a sea witch. Will she find the courage to meet John again?
The Little Mermaid and the Quest for Peaceful Dreams
The Little Mermaid, a young mermaid, struggles to sleep with her mind full of adventures. One stormy night, she rescues Prince John and dreams of meeting him again. She bravely seeks Ursula’s help, trading her voice for legs. Will The Little Mermaid courage and calming words lead her to peace and happiness?
Beauty and the Beast – Journey to the Crystal Kingdom
Maya, a brave little fairy, worries about many things. When her dad gets lost in the Enchanted Forest, she and her firefly friend, Glimmer, face the grumpy Beast to rescue him. Can Maya learn to be calm and brave in the face of her fears?
Jack and the Magical Beanstalk – Becoming Braver
Jack lives under a giant mushroom but is scared to sleep alone. He trades a cow for magic beans, climbs a beanstalk to a castle in the sky, and meets a kind giantess. Can Jack find the courage to face the giant and help his mum?
Jack and the Magic Beanstalk - A Journey to Bravery
Jack, a brave sprite with rainbow wings, worries about everything. When he trades his cow for magic beans, a giant beanstalk grows overnight. Jack climbs up and finds a castle with a giant and a kind giantess. Can Jack overcome his fears and win treasures?
Little Red Riding Hood – Journey to Self Confidence
Little Red Riding Hood lives on a magical ship but isn’t very confident. She must take treats to her grandma across the sky forest. With her friend Sunny the dragon, she faces a tricky wolf. Will Little Red learn to be brave and strong?
Little Red Riding Hood Worry to Calm
Red Riding Hood lives in a magical treehouse village above the clouds. She's a brave girl who loves to sing but worries about getting lost. When she meets a tricky wolf, she tries to stay calm. Can Red outsmart the wolf and safely reach her grandma?
Cinderella Makes friends with Insects
Cinderella, a gentle deer, is scared of insects. With help from her friend Mr. Buzz, a wise bee, she goes to the Grand Bug Ball and sees how amazing insects can be. After losing her acorn cap, Prince Charming finds her, and she learns to appreciate insects. Will her courage grow?
Little Red Riding Hood – Gets Brave in the Dark
Little Red Riding Hood is a fairy who is scared of the dark. She has to visit her sick grandmother through a magical forest. She meets a sneaky wolf and leaves the safe path. With help from Twinkle and a brave woodsman, can she face her fear of the dark?
Cinderella – The Worrier
Cinderella lives in a candy village but feels worried often. With Snickers, the gingerbread man, she learns to "breathe in calm, breathe out worry." When her Fairy Godmother sends her to the Prince’s ball, she faces her fears. Will Cinderella’s newfound calm help her find true happiness?
Jack and the Beanstalk - A Tale of Bravery and Friendship
Jack, a shy cloud sprite, lives in a magical castle in the sky. When asked to sell his cow, Jack trades it for magic beans. He finds a giant beanstalk and climbs down to a castle. There, he faces a giant! Will Jack find the courage to help his family?
Cinderella Grows Confident
Cinderella, unsure but kind, lives in a magical village. Her Fairy Godmother sends her to the ball in a beautiful dress and glass slippers. She dances with the prince, discovering her strength. When midnight comes, will Cinderella's confidence help her find happiness?