Sleeping in their Own Bed

Heartwarming children's books about sleeping in their own bed. Each story, which can be read or enjoyed as a read aloud audio, takes kids on magical adventures where they gain confidence to sleep alone. Perfect bedtime stories, teaching children that they can feel safe and secure in their own bed. Great bedtime stories for kids to sleep alone and books to help kids sleep in their own bed.
Eclipse's Adventure - Finding Courage in the Night
Eclipse, a young dragon, fears sleeping alone in his magical forest. Guided by Luz the glow-worm, they find a golden blanket that starts a quest for courage. Will Eclipse conquer his nighttime fears?
Ruby's Starlit Path to Brave Dreams
Ruby, a curious young fox, fears the dark and can't sleep without her parents. When she and her friend Wilber find a pouch of happy words, they set off to find magical berries. Can this adventure help Ruby overcome her fears?
Penelope's Journey to Bravery - A Penguin's Tale
Penelope the penguin loves icy adventures but fears sleeping alone. With her friend Sinbad the seal, they find a glowing snowflake! What will this magical crystal reveal about bravery?
Oliver, Sparkle and the Starlight Quest
Oliver loves adventures but is scared of the dark. With his friend Sparkle the squirrel, he finds a magical leaf that starts an epic quest. Will Oliver find the lost Starlight and overcome his fear?
Leon's Adventure to the Starlight Feather - A Tale of Courage and Dreams
Leon wishes to overcome his fear of sleeping alone. With Misty, he embarks on a magical quest for the Starlight Feather. Will Leon find courage and learn to enjoy his cozy cloud of dreams?
Zara Zooms Quest for the Sleepy City's Lullaby
Zara Zoom struggled to fall asleep in her colorful city full of whispers and heroes. With her friend Charlie, she seeks a magical lullaby to calm the restless nights. Will their adventure uncover the secret to peaceful dreams?
Jack and the Magical Beanstalk – Becoming Braver
Jack lives under a giant mushroom but is scared to sleep alone. He trades a cow for magic beans, climbs a beanstalk to a castle in the sky, and meets a kind giantess. Can Jack find the courage to face the giant and help his mum?
Piper's Quest for the Midnight Sun Crystal
Piper, a little penguin in Antarctica, struggles to sleep as the quiet night buzzes with thoughts. With Alba the Albatross and Whisker the Walrus, she embarks on a quest for the Midnight Sun Crystal. Can this journey soothe her nights?