Fear of Dark

Charming bedtime stories about kids conquering their fear of the dark. These stories, available for reading or as read aloud audio adventures, feature young heroes on night-time quests where they discover the magic hidden in the dark. Ideal children's bedtime stories, making bedtime fun and reassuring with stories for kids afraid of the dark and night-time adventure stories.
Cinderella Gets Brave in the Dark
Cinderella, a sprightly fox, lives in fear of the night's shadows. Her adventure begins when a magical transformation allows her to attend a ball. There, she meets Prince Charming who helps her see the night differently. Will Cinderella find courage in the dark?
Sammy and the Starry Challenge
Sammy, with curly hair and a big imagination, is scared of the dark. Finding a glowing key leads him and Binky on a quest through an Enchanted Forest to find courage. Will this magical adventure help Sammy overcome his fear of the dark?
Ruby's Starlit Path to Brave Dreams
Ruby, a curious young fox, fears the dark and can't sleep without her parents. When she and her friend Wilber find a pouch of happy words, they set off to find magical berries. Can this adventure help Ruby overcome her fears?
Oliver, Sparkle and the Starlight Quest
Oliver loves adventures but is scared of the dark. With his friend Sparkle the squirrel, he finds a magical leaf that starts an epic quest. Will Oliver find the lost Starlight and overcome his fear?
Jack and the Beanstalk - Facing Fears in the Magical Kingdom
Jack is confident but afraid of the dark. He trades his cow for magic beans, growing a giant beanstalk. Climbing it, he finds a magical land and faces a giant! Jack bravely takes treasures to help his mother. Can Jack overcome his fear and find courage?
Bebe the Ladybug and the Magical Key
Little Bebe, a brave ladybug, is afraid of the dark until a magical key leads her on an exciting quest. Together with Fizz, they explore mysterious parts of the garden. Will Bebe find the courage to face the night?
Zara Zooms Quest for the Sleepy City's Lullaby
Zara Zoom struggled to fall asleep in her colorful city full of whispers and heroes. With her friend Charlie, she seeks a magical lullaby to calm the restless nights. Will their adventure uncover the secret to peaceful dreams?
Little Red Riding Hood – Gets Brave in the Dark
Little Red Riding Hood is a fairy who is scared of the dark. She has to visit her sick grandmother through a magical forest. She meets a sneaky wolf and leaves the safe path. With help from Twinkle and a brave woodsman, can she face her fear of the dark?
Evie's Lantern - A Journey to the Heart of Courage
Evie, scared of monsters at night, finds a magic lantern with her rabbit friend Hopper. They embark on a quest to the Magic Glade. Can this journey teach Evie to face her fears?