Superhero Adventures

Exciting online children's stories about superhero adventures. Each story, which can be read or enjoyed as a read aloud audio, takes kids on thrilling journeys with brave superheroes. Perfect bedtime stories, teaching children that they can overcome any challenge. Great for superhero rescue stories and superhero origin stories.
Mile's Skybound - Skyscraper Adventures and the Red Cape of Bravery
In a city of heroes, little Miles feels grounded by his fear of heights. A shiny cape clip and his brave friend Zoe propel him on a quest across skyscrapers. They encounter challenges that test his courage. Will Miles learn to soar above his fears?
Jack and the Magic Beanstalk - Overcoming Heights
Jack, a brave boy afraid of heights, trades a cow for magic beans. The beanstalk grows high into the sky. Jack climbs with help from his friend Petra, a wise tortoise. He finds a golden harp and a giant! Can Jack conquer his fear of heights?
Sam's Quest for the Courage Crystal
Sam, a young superhero in a bright city, fears dogs despite his bravery. With his robot friend Blink and wise cat Sooty, he seeks the Courage Crystal to conquer his fear. Will this quest help Sam embrace the dogs he fears?
Toby's Journey to Share and Warm Hearts
Toby, hesitant to share, embarks on a magical journey with Chester to learn about friendship. With a golden key guiding them, what mysteries will they unlock in ancient lands?
Zara Zooms Quest for the Sleepy City's Lullaby
Zara Zoom struggled to fall asleep in her colorful city full of whispers and heroes. With her friend Charlie, she seeks a magical lullaby to calm the restless nights. Will their adventure uncover the secret to peaceful dreams?
Whizz Lightning and the Whistle of Bravery
Whizz Lightning fears spiders, but a magical whistle found in Skyscraper City starts him on a brave adventure with Nutz, his robot dog. Can Whizz overcome his fear as they explore new wonders?
Alfie's Sky-High Bravery and the Golden Dove
In a city where superheroes soar, Alfie is afraid of high places. When he and Bella meet Zephyr, the golden dove, they set out to find a mysterious power. Will Alfie's journey help him face his fears?
Zola Spark and the Whistle of Bravery
Zola Spark, troubled by bed-wetting, feels less superheroic at night. With Nugget, she embarks on a magical quest guided by a whistle. They meet wise creatures and face challenges. Can Zola learn to be as brave at night as she is by day?