Difficulty Sharing

Heartwarming children's books about sharing. Each story, which can be read or enjoyed as a read aloud audio, takes kids on magical adventures where they learn the joy and importance of sharing. Perfect bedtime stories, teaching children that generosity is rewarding. Great stories to help with sharing and books to help kids learn sharing.
Leo's Space Adventure - Finding Lumi and Friendship
Leo dreams of space races but fears sharing his toys might ruin the fun. When Lumi, a magical orb, offers a quest to save the station's happiness, Leo sees a chance to overcome his fears. Will Leo discover the fun in sharing and make new friends?
Princess Brightstar and the Journey to Light Hearts
In a kingdom of sparkles, Princess Brightstar struggles to share. A talking bunny and a magical quest through Whispering Woods might change her heart. Can she learn to spread joy by sharing?
Myra's Journey to Light and Friendship
Myra, a young elf, finds sharing difficult, making playtime lonely. Encouraged by her friend Melody, she dreams of joining a magical game that requires sharing. Will a discovery in the forest help Myra learn the joy of sharing?
Violet's Journey to the Heart of Sharing
Violet struggles with sharing in her magical forest. Along with her friend Flick, she embarks on a quest to heal a tree. They face challenges and meet whimsical creatures. Can Violet unlock the joy of sharing?
Toby's Journey to Share and Warm Hearts
Toby, hesitant to share, embarks on a magical journey with Chester to learn about friendship. With a golden key guiding them, what mysteries will they unlock in ancient lands?
Snow White - The Magic of Sharing in the Floating Kingdom
Snow White loves her floating island but finds sharing hard. She and her fairy friend Fizzlespark play with shiny pebbles. One day, her jealous stepmother orders her death! Snow White meets seven kind dwarfs. Will she learn the magic of sharing and defeat the Queen?
Sphinx's Journey to the Heart of Sharing
In the enchanted forest, Sphinx the dragon struggles with sharing his treasures. A magical crystal leaf leads him and Sparkle on a quest to understand the joy of sharing. Will this journey change Sphinx's heart?
Bobby's Journey to the Heart of Sharing
Bobby finds sharing hard, making playtime with friends difficult. Guided by Tinky and the wind Breezlyn, he seeks the Heart of Sharing in a magical forest. Will this adventure teach Bobby the joy of giving?