Snowflake Adventures

Warming children's books about snowy adventures. Each story, which can be read or enjoyed as a read aloud audio, takes kids on magical journeys through winter wonderlands, teaching them about bravery and friendship. Perfect bedtime stories for winter lovers, showing children that they can overcome any challenge no matter how frosty. Great kids stories about snowy adventures and books to help kids.
Penelope's Journey to Bravery - A Penguin's Tale
Penelope the penguin loves icy adventures but fears sleeping alone. With her friend Sinbad the seal, they find a glowing snowflake! What will this magical crystal reveal about bravery?
Beauty and the Beast – Grows Confident in the Icy Mountains
Ivy, an ice pixie with shimmering wings, feels unimportant. She and Frosty, her snowman friend, help a woman save her father from a Beast. Ivy's bravery helps her see she brings joy to others. Will Ivy discover her true worth?
Icelyn's Journey to Melt Away Anger
In a land of ice and wonder, Icelyn faces her temper like a blizzard inside. A mysterious locket leads her and her snowman friend on a journey for a magical icicle. Will their quest teach Icelyn to melt away anger and spread happiness throughout the kingdom?
Bjorn's Quest for the Northern Light - A Snowflakes Tale
Young Bjorn the polar bear feels a deep sadness in his snowy home because his parents are no longer together. With his friend Lumi, the wise arctic fox, he discovers a magical snowflake pendant. Can this lead them to the Great Northern Light and heal Bjorn's heart?
Pennys Quest for the Northern Light - A Snowflakes Tale
Penny the penguin feels small and unimportant in her snowy world. When she finds a magical snowflake pendant, it leads her on a quest to find the Great Northern Light. Will Penny discover her own inner light along the way?
Barnaby's Swim of Courage Under the Starry Sky
Barnaby, a fluffy polar bear, is afraid of water, which keeps him from playing with his friends. With his buddy Misty the husky, he finds a magical snowflake that hints at a journey to overcome his fear. Will Barnaby learn to love the water under the starry sky?
Piper's Quest for the Midnight Sun Crystal
Piper, a little penguin in Antarctica, struggles to sleep as the quiet night buzzes with thoughts. With Alba the Albatross and Whisker the Walrus, she embarks on a quest for the Midnight Sun Crystal. Can this journey soothe her nights?