Parent Seperation

Heartwarming children's books about coping with parent separation. Each story, which can be read or enjoyed as a read aloud audio, takes kids on comforting adventures where they learn to navigate their feelings about their parents' separation. Perfect bedtime stories, teaching kid's that they can overcome their worries. Great bedtime stories for kids with separated parents and books to help kids with parent separation.
Jamie's Quest for the Crystal Egg - A Dino Island Adventure
When Jamie feels sad about his parents living apart, he and his dinosaur friend, Tricey, go on a daring quest to Dino Island for the Crystal Egg. Their journey of fun puzzles and dinosaur friends teaches Jamie to smile and be brave, showing kids it's okay to feel happy even when things change at home.
Zoe's Search for Breezysong’s Gem
Little Zoe feels a mist of sadness since her parents separated. She and Thumper the bunny embark on a magical quest for a gem that promises to heal. As they tackle riddles and meet mystical creatures, can Zoe find the joy she misses?
Charlie and the Pirate Coin of Strength
Charlie feels lost in his seaside town, missing the happy times with his parents. With his parrot, Squawk, they embark on a quest for a magical pirate coin. Will this adventure help Charlie find his courage?
Chloe's Quest for the Harmony Pearl
Chloe, a young dolphin, feels sadness from her parents’ separation. Eager to find happiness, she embarks on a quest with Old Finn to find the Harmony Pearl. They discover a magical map inside a sparkling shell. What wonders will guide them?
Leafwind's Quest - The Mirror of Truth and Healing
Leafwind, a young elf, feels sad because his parents live apart. He goes on an adventure with his rabbit friend, WhiskerBounce, to find a magical mirror. Along the way, they solve puzzles and make new friends who teach Leafwind that love and friendship can heal a sad heart."
Bjorn's Quest for the Northern Light - A Snowflakes Tale
Young Bjorn the polar bear feels a deep sadness in his snowy home because his parents are no longer together. With his friend Lumi, the wise arctic fox, he discovers a magical snowflake pendant. Can this lead them to the Great Northern Light and heal Bjorn's heart?
Tommy the Trucks Key to Happiness - A Journey to the Lost Wheel
Tommy the Truck feels sad because his parents are apart. He and Grandpa Crane find a magical key that starts a quest! Can Tommy find the lost wheel and his happiness along the way?
Ellies Search for the Glowing Leaf
Ellie, feeling sad about her parents living apart, finds a magical glowing leaf. With Thumper, she embarks on a quest through a whispering forest and Moonlit Meadow. Will this adventure to mend the Heartstone bring back her joy?
Blinky's Search for the Jewel of Joy
Blinky the hedgehog feels sad because his parents live apart. He finds a magical bell leading him on a quest for the Jewel of Joy with Mr. Letherback. Will Blinky find happiness on this adventure and learn that joy can be found, even when things change?
The Heart's Treasure and Johnny
Johnny, a boy from a seaside village, feels sad when his parents live in separate houses. With his parrot Polly, he finds a magical chest and embarks on a quest to find bravery and happiness. They meet wise animals and solve riddles. Can Johnny find the light within?
Molly Mends a Broken Heart
Molly is a small girl who carries heavy sadness because her parents are apart. With her wise owl friend Hooty, she finds a magical locket. They go on a quest to mend a broken heart and save their world from darkness. Can Molly mend her own heart too?