Cars and Trucks

Exciting online children's stories about cars and trucks and their adventures. Each story, which can be read or enjoyed as a read aloud audio, takes kids on thrilling rides with fun characters. Perfect bedtime stories, teaching children that they can overcome any challenge. Great for fans of car stories, truck stories and racing car tales.
Zoomer's Adventure - The Magical Puzzle of Toy Town
In colorful Toy Town, Zoomer the toy car loves tricks but struggles with fear when alone. Discovering a magical puzzle piece, Zoomer and his dinosaur friend Denny set off on a race to find the missing pieces. Can Zoomer find bravery on his journey?
Benny Broom and Whisper - The Magical Garden Bug Adventure
Benny, a curious blue car, fears insects in his beautiful town. When Tilly invites him to the magical garden, they meet Whisper, a tiny firefly. Together, they face insect-filled challenges. Will Benny learn to see bugs differently and find the hidden treasure?
Speedy Sparkles Courageous Quest for the Magical Track
In a city of toy cars, Speedy Sparkle is scared to adventure alone. Guided by Whispering Wind, he faces a quest to find a magical track. Joining forces with Cranky, will Speedy discover his inner bravery?
Victor Vroom's Key to Courage - The Golden Spark Plug Quest
Victor Vroom, a small red car, is shy and struggles to talk to other cars, feeling lonely. He and his friend Bluey find a magical key and embark on a quest to find the missing golden spark plug. Will Victor find his courage along the way?
Racey's Journey to a Calm Heart
Racey, a red toy car in a busy city, feels frustrated when he has to stop. With Teddy Ticktock, he meets Serenity the Wise Wagon, who shows him how to be calm. Will Racey learn to control his wobbles and find his way to the Great Toy Rally?
Milly and the Magical Golden Car Key
Milly, a brave girl in a bustling city, fears being away from her parents. She and Hop, a cheerful rabbit, find a magical car key that starts a city-wide adventure. They meet new friends and face challenges. Can Milly overcome her fears?
Tommy the Trucks Key to Happiness - A Journey to the Lost Wheel
Tommy the Truck feels sad because his parents are apart. He and Grandpa Crane find a magical key that starts a quest! Can Tommy find the lost wheel and his happiness along the way?
Archie and the Sandcastle of Silent Whispers
Archie loves building sandcastles but often feels too shy to speak up. When a wise old wheelbarrow offers him a quest, can Archie find the courage to unlock his voice and join the noisy fun?
Jimmy's Adventure with Beepy and the Whispering Wheels
Jimmy, troubled by the loud noises of his city, and his friend Beepy, find a mystical car that promises courage. Together, they embark on a quest for the Whispering Wheels. Will Jimmy conquer his fears and enjoy the city's sounds?
Davey and the Dream Express - A Nighttime Adventure
Davey struggles to sleep in his cozy village, but Conductor Cosmo and a magical whistle promise a journey to dreamland. As they embark on a quest for the Dream Express, can Davey discover the secret to peaceful nights?
Rusty's Road to Gentle Strength - A Tale of Friendship and Change
In a bustling town, Rusty the red truck struggles with being too rough, which scares his friends. With wisdom from Hauler and a magical golden key, they embark on a journey of change. Can Rusty learn to race without nudging anyone?