Fear of Strangers

Delightful children's stories online about overcoming the fear of strangers. Each story can be read or experienced as a read aloud audio, filled with encouragement and supportive characters. Perfect for bedtime, these stories show children that they can face and conquer their worries about strangers. Enjoy books to help kids with stranger anxiety and children's books about fear of strangers.
Tricey's Adventure to the Dino Egg of Bravery
Shy Tricey the triceratops is scared of strangers. His adventure to find the Dino Egg of Bravery might just help him make new friends. Will Tricey learn to say hello without fear?
Finn's Golden Key - A Tale of Bravery and New Friends
Finn, a cheerful boy, feels shy around new people in his magical village. With his rabbit friend Hop, he finds a golden key that starts a brave quest. They meet talking squirrels and a gentle dragon! Can Finn overcome his shyness and find courage?
Victor Vroom's Key to Courage - The Golden Spark Plug Quest
Victor Vroom, a small red car, is shy and struggles to talk to other cars, feeling lonely. He and his friend Bluey find a magical key and embark on a quest to find the missing golden spark plug. Will Victor find his courage along the way?
Saphira's Journey - Bravery and the Shimmering Mirror
Join Saphira on her enchanted journey to overcome her shyness. Alongside her loyal friend Thistle, Saphira ventures through magical lands, meets mystical creatures, and discovers inner courage. Ideal for bedtime stories, these tales teach young children the power of facing fears and making new friends.
The Little Mermaids – The Fearless Mermaid's Adventure
The Little Mermaid loves exploring her magical ocean kingdom but feels shy talking to others. She finds a golden comb and rescues Prince John from a storm. She bravely seeks human legs from a sea witch. Will she find the courage to meet John again?
Orion's Crystal Cube - A Cosmic Adventure of Courage
Orion loves exploring the stars but feels shy around new friends. With his buddy Luna, they discover a magical cube that starts a thrilling space adventure! What will Orion learn about bravery and making friends?
Beauty and the Beast – Exploring her Brave in Candy Land
Flora, a shy candy fairy, loves making friends but feels nervous about meeting new people. With her best friend Gummy, a jolly gummy bear, she explores the magical Sugar Castle. They meet a kind Beast and enchanted objects. Can Flora help break the Beast’s spell?
Jack and the Beanstalk - A Tale of Bravery and Friendship
Jack, a shy cloud sprite, lives in a magical castle in the sky. When asked to sell his cow, Jack trades it for magic beans. He finds a giant beanstalk and climbs down to a castle. There, he faces a giant! Will Jack find the courage to help his family?