Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Online Fairy Tales: Immerse in whimsical online fairy tales of Beauty and the Beast with enchanting twists. Each bedtime story follows Belle's magical adventures as she overcomes challenges and builds resilience. Perfect for young readers who love classic fairy tales filled with inspiration and positive change.
Beauty and the Beast - The Enchanted Meadow
Lila, an eight-year-old with pink hair, is scared of insects. She and her firefly friend, Flicker, meet the gentle Beast Lumis and explore an enchanted forest. Lila faces her fear and learns the importance of insects. Can she overcome her fear for good?
Beauty and the Beast – Grows Confident in the Icy Mountains
Ivy, an ice pixie with shimmering wings, feels unimportant. She and Frosty, her snowman friend, help a woman save her father from a Beast. Ivy's bravery helps her see she brings joy to others. Will Ivy discover her true worth?
Beauty and the Beast – Journey to the Crystal Kingdom
Maya, a brave little fairy, worries about many things. When her dad gets lost in the Enchanted Forest, she and her firefly friend, Glimmer, face the grumpy Beast to rescue him. Can Maya learn to be calm and brave in the face of her fears?
Beauty and the Beast – Exploring her Brave in Candy Land
Flora, a shy candy fairy, loves making friends but feels nervous about meeting new people. With her best friend Gummy, a jolly gummy bear, she explores the magical Sugar Castle. They meet a kind Beast and enchanted objects. Can Flora help break the Beast’s spell?