General Anxiety

Heartwarming children's books about managing worry and anxiety. Each story, which can be read or enjoyed as a read aloud audio, takes kids on magical adventures where they learn to handle their feelings. Perfect picture books, teaching children that they can overcome their worries. Great stories about anxiety for kids and helping children with anxiety books.
Oscar the Octopus and the Lost Pearl of Courage
Shy Oscar, a young octopus, worries about everything. With his friend Sammy, he finds a magical key hinting at a pearl of courage. Will their underwater quest ease Oscar's fears?
Astro Stardust and the Quest for Calm
Astro feels overwhelmed by anxiety, like birds fluttering in his chest. A mysterious figure offers him a quest to find a calming Star Jewel. Will this journey help Astro find the calm he seeks?
Zoomer's Adventure - The Magical Puzzle of Toy Town
In colorful Toy Town, Zoomer the toy car loves tricks but struggles with fear when alone. Discovering a magical puzzle piece, Zoomer and his dinosaur friend Denny set off on a race to find the missing pieces. Can Zoomer find bravery on his journey?
Fae and The Melody of Courage
Fae, a timid elf, is haunted by self-doubt despite the magic around him. As he and Brambles seek ancient wisdom, they encounter magical creatures and challenges. Will this journey teach Fae to see his inner strength?
Rosie and Zog's Pursuit for the Cosmic Calmer
Rosie, a lively girl with a cloud of worry, embarks on a cosmic quest with her alien friend Zog, discovering a magical amulet that leads them to the Cosmic Calmer, helping Rosie overcome her fears and find a newfound sense of calm and strength.
Lily's Time Travel Quest - Conquering Chaos
Lily, a girl who worries a lot about her siblings' safety, goes on a magical time-travel quest with her robot friend Sparky, facing challenges and learning to be brave, ultimately conquering her fears and helping others do the same.
Snow White - The Floating Garden Adventure
Snow White, a sparkling fairy in a floating garden, feels worried about many things. With her friend Bumble the bee, she faces a jealous queen's evil plans. Can Snow White find courage and outsmart the queen?
Zara's Quest - The Secret of the Whispering Waterfall
Zara, troubled by self-doubt, lives with her zebra friend Jomo in the vibrant savannah. A mysterious feather leads them to seek the Whispering Waterfall's secrets. Can their quest help Zara overcome her doubts and find true happiness?
Amberleys Quest The Harmonic Bloom and the Laughter Whistle
Amberley, often caught in a whirlwind of worry, discovers a magical whistle. With Finn, she sets out to find the Harmonic Bloom in a quest to conquer her fears. Can Amberley find the bloom and learn to let her laughter light up even the darkest clouds?
Rory's Whistle - The Little Dino's Big City Symphony
Rory the velociraptor loves exploring but is afraid of loud noises. A magical whistle promises a brave adventure at the Great Engine Festival. With Scoot's help, can Rory turn the city's roar into a symphony of bravery?
Snow White - The Brave Mermaid's Underwater Adventure
Snow White is a curious mermaid who often feels worried. She and her friend Toby, a brave sea turtle, explore an underwater world. They meet quirky dwarf fish and face a wicked Queen's tricks. Will Snow White find her courage and stay safe?
Milly and the Magical Golden Car Key
Milly, a brave girl in a bustling city, fears being away from her parents. She and Hop, a cheerful rabbit, find a magical car key that starts a city-wide adventure. They meet new friends and face challenges. Can Milly overcome her fears?
Jack's Quest for the Golden Apple of Taste
Jack, once a picky eater, embarks on a magical quest with his friend Carrotty to find the Golden Apple of Taste. Through challenges, Jack tastes new foods, overcomes his fears, and becomes a brave food explorer. Will Jack's journey transform him forever?
Charlie's Towering Quest with Bolt the Robot
In a town filled with playful diggers and towering cranes, young Charlie struggles with panic. He meets Bolt, a wise robot, who promises a quest to build a tower. Will Charlie find the courage to reach new heights?
Charlie's Quest for the Joyful Cap
Charlie, feeling out of place, embarks on a magical quest with Whisker to find a joyful cap and conquer darkness. Along their journey, they learn about bravery, the importance of every voice, and self-belief. Can Charlie find the cap and light up the world?
Roo's Brave Heart and the Outback's Secret
Roo, a little kangaroo, feels scared when his tummy flutters. With Old Man Gumleaf, he finds a pebble leading them to a quest. Can Roo find the calming crystal to overcome his fears and keep the outback happy?
The Little Mermaid - The Worry Warrior Under the Rainbow Bridge
The Little Mermaid, a young mermaid often worries about the worst happening. When a storm hits, she and her dolphin friend, Finn, save a prince. The Little Mermaid dreams of meeting him again and faces her fears by seeking the sea witch's help. Will The Little Mermaid find her courage and happiness?
Ella's Quest - The Locket of Inner Light
Ella feels small and unnoticed until a magical quest with a silver locket and her friend Tommy teaches her the power of her own worth. Will Ella discover her inner light and learn to shine brightly among her friends?
Beauty and the Beast – Journey to the Crystal Kingdom
Maya, a brave little fairy, worries about many things. When her dad gets lost in the Enchanted Forest, she and her firefly friend, Glimmer, face the grumpy Beast to rescue him. Can Maya learn to be calm and brave in the face of her fears?
Mira's Quest for the Golden Leaf
Mira, a meerkat who worries a lot, goes on an adventure with her friend Geoffrey and a magical golden leaf to find a calming river. Along the way, they face challenges, but Mira learns to be brave and helps others with their worries, becoming a source of hope.
Jack and the Magic Beanstalk - A Journey to Bravery
Jack, a brave sprite with rainbow wings, worries about everything. When he trades his cow for magic beans, a giant beanstalk grows overnight. Jack climbs up and finds a castle with a giant and a kind giantess. Can Jack overcome his fears and win treasures?
Momo's Whistle - The Quest for the Magical Speaking Fruit
In a lush jungle, Momo the shy monkey dreams of talking freely. When he discovers a silver whistle, it guides him to seek a special fruit. Joined by wise Ella, will this adventure help Momo overcome his silence?
Davey and the Dream Express - A Nighttime Adventure
Davey struggles to sleep in his cozy village, but Conductor Cosmo and a magical whistle promise a journey to dreamland. As they embark on a quest for the Dream Express, can Davey discover the secret to peaceful nights?
Little Red Riding Hood Worry to Calm
Red Riding Hood lives in a magical treehouse village above the clouds. She's a brave girl who loves to sing but worries about getting lost. When she meets a tricky wolf, she tries to stay calm. Can Red outsmart the wolf and safely reach her grandma?
Cinderella – The Worrier
Cinderella lives in a candy village but feels worried often. With Snickers, the gingerbread man, she learns to "breathe in calm, breathe out worry." When her Fairy Godmother sends her to the Prince’s ball, she faces her fears. Will Cinderella’s newfound calm help her find true happiness?