Temper Tantrums

Heartwarming children's books about managing temper tantrums. Each story, which can be read or enjoyed as a read aloud audio, takes kids on magical adventures where they learn to understand and manage their big feelings. Perfect picture books, teaching children to calm down and control their temper. Great books for kids who have big feelings and stories about learning to control your temper.
Ness's Journey to the Harmony Bell
Ness, a lively 7-year-old, often feels like a boat in a stormy sea because of her sudden anger. With her sprite-friend Flicker, she embarks on a quest to find the Harmony Bell in the Enchanted Forest. Can Ness learn to calm her inner storms?
Wiggly's Journey to a Kinder Tomorrow
Wiggly, a cheerful caterpillar, struggles with his temper in a meadow of laughter. With Buzzy the bee, he discovers a rainbow pebble that hints at a quest for the Harmony Stone. Can Wiggly learn to share his feelings kindly?
Jack's Journey to Tame the Wild West Within
Cactus Jack, a young cowboy with a quick temper, lives in a bustling Wild West town. He often struggles with angry outbursts that he wishes to control. With his toy lasso and boots, he meets Prickly Pete, a wise talking cactus. Can Jack learn to manage his emotions?
Petal's Journey to a Kind Heart
Petal the piglet loves her farmyard but struggles with playing too rough. Joined by Daisy the calf, they embark on a quest to find the Harmony Bell, meeting wise field mice and brave ducks along the way. Can Petal learn to be a kind friend?
Racey's Journey to a Calm Heart
Racey, a red toy car in a busy city, feels frustrated when he has to stop. With Teddy Ticktock, he meets Serenity the Wise Wagon, who shows him how to be calm. Will Racey learn to control his wobbles and find his way to the Great Toy Rally?
Mia's Journey to Gentle Calm - A Tale of Friendship and Discovery
Mia, a spirited girl from a village among gentle hills, struggles with sudden bursts of temper. Alongside her friend Richie and a magical dragonfly named Fizz, they embark on a quest for the Serene Stone. Can Mia find her inner calm?
Violet's Pebble - A Tale of Calm and Friendship
Violet, often overwhelmed by her fiery temper, finds a pebble that leads her on an adventure to find calm. With her squirrel friend Fuzz, she searches for a mystical stone to quell her inner storms. Can Violet discover the calm she seeks?
Jasper's Journey to Tame the Wild West Within
Jasper, a young cowboy in a lively Wild West town, struggles with quick, strong feelings. With his friend, Prickly Pete the talking cactus, he finds a shiny badge that sends them on an adventure. Will Jasper learn to stay calm like the calm valley they seek?
Daisy Quackles and the Melody of Calm
Daisy Quackles, a happy duckling, struggles with angry outbursts. With the help of Mr. Bleat, a wise old goat, she finds a magical Harmony Bell. They meet scared hedgehogs, shy frogs, and a grumpy bull. Will Daisy learn to stay calm and enjoy the farm?
Paws and the Gentle Path to Peace
Paws, a young panda, struggles with sudden bursts of anger at his dojo on a misty mountain. With his wise monkey friend Whisk, they embark on a quest to find the Heart of Calm. Will Paws learn to control his strength?
Fiona's Journey to Gentle Kindness - A Forest's Melody
Fiona, a joyful girl with sunset-orange curls, struggles with sudden outbursts that hurt her friends. Alongside Leo, she seeks the Harmony Heart to learn kindness. Can Fiona tame her thorny words and become gentle like the breeze?