Fear of Water

Heartwarming children's books about overcoming the fear of water. Each story, which can be read or enjoyed as a read aloud audio, takes kids on magical adventures where they learn to feel safe and confident in the water. Perfect bedtime stories, teaching children that they can conquer their water anxiety. Great bedtime stories for water anxiety and books to help kids with water fear.
Clara's Journey to Bravery with Croaky by the Lake
In a village by a sparkling lake, young Clara battles her fear of water. Encouraged by her frog friend Croaky, they discover a stone that might change everything. Will Clara find the courage to swim with her handmade boats?
Puddles' Brave Swim - A Tale of Overcoming Fear
Puddles, a young duckling, is scared to swim in deep water at his home by a serene lake. With the help of Old Mossback and Ripples, the water spirit, he embarks on a journey to find courage. Will Puddles overcome his fear?
Prince's Journey - Overcoming Water's Whisper
Prince shivers at water despite being a kingfisher. Encouraged by Splash and a glowing pebble, they embark on a quest for the Brave Splash Stone. Will this adventure help Prince splash confidently with his friends?
Sandy Paws and the Desert's Whispering Waters
Sandy Paws, a young desert fox, is afraid of water. Alongside Riddle the Camel, he finds a mysterious bottle promising bravery. Together, they embark on a quest to discover a magical pearl. Will Sandy overcome his fear with each splash?
Coralie's Brave Swim - A Tale of Friendship and Courage
Coralie, a girl with a deep fear of water, must overcome her anxiety with the help of her friend Finn and a magical water sprite. In their village by a forest, a thrilling adventure awaits by a lake, where bravery might just turn into magic.
Barnaby's Swim of Courage Under the Starry Sky
Barnaby, a fluffy polar bear, is afraid of water, which keeps him from playing with his friends. With his buddy Misty the husky, he finds a magical snowflake that hints at a journey to overcome his fear. Will Barnaby learn to love the water under the starry sky?