Fear of Doctors

Delightful children's stories online about overcoming the fear of doctors. Each story can be read or experienced as a read aloud audio, filled with wonder and bravery. Perfect for bedtime, these stories show children that they can face and defeat their worries with the help of kind-hearted doctors. Enjoy bedtime stories about doctors and phobia of doctors.
Sir Stanley's Cloak of Stars - A Tale of Bravery and Light
Sir Stanley is a brave young knight who fears doctors. With his dragon friend Ember, they embark on a quest to find the magical Sun Shield. They face challenges like the Bridge of Whispers and the Shadow Knight. Can Stanley conquer his fear and find the Sun Shield?
Sir Bravely's Journey to Courage and the Golden Bell
Sir Bravely, a young knight with a big worry about visiting the doctor, finds a magical golden bell. With his dragon friend, Crystalflame, they embark on an adventure through whispering woods to find a magical drink. Can Sir Bravely conquer his fear along the way?
Mika's Journey to the Heart of Courage
Mika, fearing doctors, gains courage through her forest adventures. Facing the Shadow of Fear at the Heart of Courage, can she apply her newfound bravery at the doctor's office?
Knots's Brave Adventure
Knots the Triceratops is scared of doctor visits, but discovers a glowing stone that promises courage. He and Wings embark on a quest filled with challenges and new friends. Can this magical journey help Knots conquer his fears and become brave?
Knots's Brave Adventure
Knots, a young Triceratops, is afraid of visiting the doctor. His friend, Wings the Pterodactyl, helps him find a magical gemstone that calms fears. Together, they face challenges and meet new friends. Can Knots overcome his fear and become a health hero?
Cassie's Brave Heart and the Garden's Whisper
Cassie the caterpillar is scared of doctors but dreams of being brave. When she and Dot find a whispering stone, it leads them on a quest for a courage blossom. Can this adventure help Cassie face her fears?