Fear of Clowns

Exciting online children's stories about overcoming the fear of clowns. Each story, which can be read or enjoyed as a read aloud audio, takes kids on magical adventures with friendly clowns. Perfect bedtime stories, teaching children that their phobia of clowns can be conquered. Great for bedtime tales about clowns and overcoming phobia of clowns.
Crawly's Journey to the Laughter Flower - A Tale of Bravery and Joy
In a lively meadow, Crawly the caterpillar battles a deep fear of clowns, stopping him from enjoying the circus. Guided by Gigglewing the dragonfly, he searches for a laughter flower to turn fear into joy. Will Crawly find the courage to face his fears?
Marina's Underwater Journey to Brave Laughter
In a sunken city, Marina is scared of clowns but wants to enjoy the underwater circus. Joined by Finley the dolphin, they embark on an adventure led by a seahorse. Can they discover the joy hidden in their fears?
Seashell's Journey to Joy - Overcoming the Clown's Shadow
In the colorful coral reef, Seashell the mermaid hides from clowns. A sparkling conch shell offers her a challenge to find courage. Will Seashell's adventure help her laugh with the clowns instead of hiding from them?
Cindy's Golden Key - The Laughing Adventure
Cindy, an adventurous girl with a fear of clowns, finds a golden key on the beach. Alongside her parrot Caw, they embark on an adventure guided by secret messages. Will Cindy discover the joy behind the clown's mask?
Toby's Journey to the Laughing Crystal - A Galactic Tale of Courage
On Planet Gleamtron, young Toby fears clowns but dreams of laughter. With his robot dog, Sparkz, he finds a magical whistle that leads them on a space adventure. Can Toby’s courage help him find the Laughing Crystal and turn fear into joy?